Mobile Windshield Repair – NO Additional Charge!

Easy and simple, we can come to you to fix your car glass with ZERO cost for mobile service Star Auto Glass Mississauga provides FREE mobile windshield repair services across our entire service area.

We Beat All Competitor Pricing!

Auto Glass Service in Mississauga

Ignoring windshield cracks can be dangerous. Even a small crack can significantly impact the visibility of the driver. This can cause accidents and can be fatal. You must, therefore, never risk your life and life of others on the road by driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield. Even if the crack appears small and harmless, it is highly suggested that you must take the help of a professional windshield replacement service as soon as possible.

Windshield repair/replacement

We replace more windshields than anyone in GTA. The experts at Star Auto Glass know that a crack in your windshield is a hassle and with many different locations, plus the ‘Go Where You are’ mobile service, Star Auto Glass offers a hassle-free solution. Traveling to your home or office, our certified technicians will evaluate your situation and recommend the best option. Using only the most advanced material, the safety of you and your passengers will never be compromised.

Tempered Glass – Doors, Vents, Sunroofs, and More

We don’t just do windshields! We can supply and replace any piece of glass in your car, often the same day. These installations receive the same attention to quality and are covered by the same lifetime warranty as our windshield replacements. If needed we will clean up the broken glass and cover the hole in your vehicle with a temporary plastic film at no extra charge.


Water Leak and Wind Noise Remediation

Corrosion, accidents, and body shop repairs can cause the seal between a glass part and the vehicle body to fail. A seal failure often results in excessive wind noise or water leaks, which can cause even more damage to electronics and interiors. Most leaks can be fixed quickly, usually without the need to replace the glass.

Stone Chip Repair

Stone chips in a windshield can be repaired in most cases. As a rule of thumb, if you can cover the damaged area with a quarter, it should be repairable. The repair process involves injecting a clear acrylic resin into the fracture. This bonds the glass back together and hides a large amount of visible damage. It typically takes only 15-30 minutes and comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Most insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost of windshield repair under the comprehensive portion of their coverage.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

If your vehicle has suffered damage and requires a new windshield, it’s vital that the front-facing camera that controls many of the car’s ADAS systems is recalibrated. When your windshield is replaced, every millimeter counts. If the new windshield is even a couple of millimeters off-center, it will affect the view of your vehicle’s forward-facing camera. Millimeters off-center can equal feet in the view of your camera; meaning functions like “lane-keep assistance” and “lane departure warning” will malfunction, either overcorrecting or under correcting, causing dangerous driving conditions and increasing the potential for accidents.